The Ultimate Minimal Ubuntu Installation Guide (i3 or OpenBox) Part 2 [END]

The Ultimate Minimal Ubuntu Installation Guide (i3 or OpenBox) Part 2 [END]
ahmadnurhadirmw - Second boot, the fun begins
If you’re using i3, you need to read the user guide over at i3.
It will help get you started and mastering the keyboard in no time.

If you're using i3, I recommend putting
exec --no-startup-id compton -b
Into your config file, that will enable compositing at boot. Also
exec --no-startup-id wicd-client --tray
Will put a wifi applet in your tray. As will volumeicon (which you will need to install as volumeicon-alsa).
exec --no-startup-id volumeicon
But I won’t get too deep into i3 and configs for this tutorial. If you’re using OpenBox, I recommend finding obmenu-generator. That will create fun, dynamic, pipe menus for you on the go.

For both i3 and OpenBox I recommend using nitrogen for your wallpaper. There are other options, however.

Moving away from minimal - Theming

What you have created is a nice, working minimal Ubuntu build with less than 800 packages. But lets get it looking better. For this we will install a whole mess of themes and some appearance tweaking tools.

Top GTK Themes Download -
WARNING - Using the "Top GTK Themes Download" defeats the idea of a minimal build because it installs many files, themes, and stuff you're not going to use (you can only use one theme at a time!). But it isn't that much. If you want a bunch to look at and choose from, follow this small section. If not, install one theme you like and move onto the applying themes section.

Navigate to your downloads file
cd ~/Downloads/
Install git and get to downloading (doesn't take long):
sudo apt install git && git clone
Now navigate to those files:
cd ./install-gnome-themes/
And run their install script this will take approximately 5 minutes
Script information borrowed from:

How to apply these themes

I recommend using all of the following programs for changing themes on i3: lxappearance, gtk-chtheme, and qt4-qtconfig. lxappearance is a nice program from LXDE that switches your GTK+ themes. gtk-chtheme is a little program for changing your GTK+ 2.0 themes. The third program, qt4-qtconfig is a QT 4 configuration tool. You will see how they work in a minute.

Lets install them:
sudo apt install lxappearance gtk-chtheme qt4-qtconfig
Now, if you're using i3, use alt+d to run dmenu at the top of your screen and open lxappearance. You should have listed the themes your previously downloaded and installed with the script. Select a theme you like here (I like Candra-Theme-3.20-Dark and Darker). Press apply. Go to the icon theme tab and select the icons you like and apply. That should be basically it for lxappearance.

Now close this and alt-d to open gtk-chtheme. Whatever theme you choose in lxappearance, pick the same one here. Apply. Okay and close. Now alt-d to open qt4-qtconfig, which you may notice has installed itself as qtconfig-qt4.

The first drop down menu is Select GUI Style. Select GTK+ here. Then go to file, save. Then file, exit.

Its that easy! Make sure you do the same for icon packs. I like Numix but it is getting a little old. For Numix icon pack all you need to do after install is set it in lxappearance.

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